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Learn to manage your own aches and pains, at home and get off pain medication for good.

The Move Well Project

Chronic Pain Management

The Move Well Project is a sub-clinical, drug free system to improve quality of movement and manage the causes of chronic pain. Many traditional methods of medicine and therapy are amazingly effective for acute medical conditions but fall short of effectively managing lower level (though often debilitating) chronic conditions brought on by the demands of daily life.

The Move Well Project starts with a comprehensive biomechanical assessment of each client identifying their mobility and stability limitations. From there the client receives a tailored management programme for them to follow to address these limitations. Often within a few sessions clients report dramatically reduced pain and learn how to manage their own pain. Please have a look at the testimonials section below to see success stories of clients managing a wide variety of conditions.

The Move Well Project differs from Physiotherapy and other traditional therapies by taking a full body assessment of all clients, not focusing simply on the areas of pain that are often the result of deferred pain from dysfunction in other areas of the body.


Chris Peil

Mobility Practitioner

I follow a ‘big picture’ approach with my clients where improved ability to move and improved health lays the foundation for improved fitness and performance. This in turn leads to improved wellness and physical appearance. 


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Who Is the Move Well Project Appropriate For?

If you have an acute injury then you need to see a doctor and they will advise upon a course of action from there. The Move Well Project may well be appropriate for you to minimise the risk of on-going problems or recurring acute injury but only once you are through the initial rehabilitation of the acute injury.

If you have been suffering the same chronic pain for a while and are functioning at a level where your doctor recommends you participate in low level activity and movement then the Move Well Project is for you.

Back Pain

It is recommended by the NHS to keep moving and to strengthen the areas required to support your back. To do this successfully you have to know you are doing the appropriate things to improve the situation, otherwise you could make it worse. The Move Well Project is assessment led and therefore identifies the areas you need to address.

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and as a result is prone to problems where it compensates for other limitations in your body. The Move Well Project addresses the whole body to improve muscle balance and joint stability which allows the shoulder to sit in a better position, have a better balance of mobility and stability itself and allow chronic pain to disappear.

Improve Performance

Quite simply, you cannot produce force in a range of motion you do not have. If you can't get into an optimal position for your sport or activity you cannot perform there. If you're serious about your performance get assessed and see which areas you can improve that you didn't even know are limiting you.

Success Stories

Gillian - 49, Civil Servant

Was facing neck surgery with the risk of paralysis, loss of bladder and bowel control etc.

Following sorking with Chris was discharged at the pre-operation assessment by the consultant surgeon as he decided she no longer needed the operation and recommended continuing her management programme instead.

Richard - 34, Financial Advisor

Richard was suffering chronic back and ankle pain.

After only a week of following his management programme reported significant reductions in pain.

Gail – 37, Doctor of Psychology

Long standing knee and back pain that Gail was resigned to living with now managed to the point Gail is exercising consistently and competing in fitness competitions.

Alan – 56, Taxi Driver

Was initially unable to stand from a chair without using arms to help, couldn't reach the floor from standing and had ankle, foot and shoulder pain.

Alan can now do loaded squats to a low stool and get up and down from lying on the floor pain free.

Laura - 34, Teacher

Had a car accident in 2005, had chronic pain in shoulder and neck and headaches. Tried a chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist and an acupuncturist but only got mild relief from anu of them. Had used prescription medication for years.

Since working with Chris has regained full pain free range of motion in shoulder and neck, headaches are under control and is off pain relief medication.

Chris - 43, Teacher

Chronic back pain for over a decade, dependency on prescription pain medication and had tried osteopathy and physiotherapy.

Now pain is managed and Chris is off prescription medication and participating in exercise for the first time in years.

Ruth - Social Worker

Chronic back pain for almost a decade, had tried acupuncture, physiotherapy and chiropractic. Had resigned herself to just living weith the pain.

Her back is now better and stronger and she is participating in exercise and moving confidently.


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